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  • Yoga and Coaching Workshop For Catalytic Transformation

    Many of us have experienced the yoga "high" we have after a great asana class in the studio. Far fewer of us have learned how to sustain that initial bliss and integrate it into our lives so that we're leading an empowered life that truly reflects what we know in our hearts is possible for us.

    In this one-of-a-kind workshop, I blend the best tips and tricks from my 15 years as a life coach and yoga instructor to provide you with practical and potent strategies that take the mystery out of unleashing your brilliance so you can get over the hump of self-sabotage and start living the life you want.

    You'll learn:

    - Daily yoga techniques and rituals designed to develop a more intelligent and deliberate relationship with your intuition and wisdom so you can clarify the vision you have for your most empowered life

    - Clear and easy mind-strategies to use to activate your vision so it starts to become a reality and not just a "someday" idea in your head

    - The essential tools for combatting the self-sabotage and external obstacles that arise on the path as you continue to unleash your potential and vitalize your dreams

    You'll leave this workshop filled with inspiration; grounded in solid wisdom; and newly motivated to start turning your potential into real possibilities. (Psst..You'll also get handouts of all we discussed; so you can implement the juiciness once you leave!)

    WHAT TO EXPECT: Some asana, meditation, breathing, group discussion, and journaling. Wear comfortable clothes to move in; bring your yoga mat, and a pen and paper (or journal)

    WHAT NOT TO EXPECT: No cliches. No superficial fluff. No dogma. Just real talk about how to start really living what you know is possible.
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