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Wellness Workshops

Sometimes your company can't afford or doesn't need an entire soup-to-nuts employee wellness program, but instead you would benefit from a one time specialized workshop to address a specific wellness need of your workforce. Sometimes this approach is ideal for team-building of certain groups of employees or can be used as a benefit or a perk for your hard-working staff. Whatever the reason, you can be assured that your workshop will offer the tools, education, and practical tips needed to help your employees achieve healthy and balanced lives and work routines.

Workshops are structured with the learning styles and needs of your employees in mind. No environment, occasion, or group is too much of a stretch. Workshops can range from an hour long to a full day long. Thought-provoking presentations and hands-on learning will help participants gain awareness about how to stay healthy despite the stresses of everyday life and intense work environments. All materials and content are customized to your needs. This specialized approach sets True Nature Wellness apart from other standardized “one-size-fits-all” workshops that many other wellness consultants offer.

Popular Workshop Topics

  • Caring for the Caregiver - Techniques for Self Care
  • Chair Yoga or Tai Chi for Endurance
  • Group Empowerment Techniques - Quick Steps to Team Success
  • Guided Imagery for Performance Improvement
  • Healthy Eating and Weight Management
  • Masterful Mood Management
  • Meditation - Achieving Groundedness in Tough Economic Times
  • Optimum Health with Breathing Exercises
  • Qi-Gong for Tapping into your Creative Potential
  • From Stress to Success - Stress Management Techniques 101
  • The Healing Benefits of Aromatherapy in the Workspace
  • Understanding the Roots of Your Chronic Pain and Reversing the Pattern
  • Yoga - Achieving Harmony in the Work/Life Balance

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