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Employee Wellness Programs

A tough economy, expensive insurance, and rising health care costs all make a great case for investing in employee wellness programs. What's more, healthy workers are happy workers, and happy workers are better workers. So, what are you waiting for? True Nature Wellness has everything you need to launch a custom-made top-quality employee wellness program just for you and your staff.

What You Can Expect

Employee Wellness Programs are designed to be long-term, lasting anywhere from several months up to an entire year. They are empowerment based, placing the skills and information in the hands of the individuals so that they can take charge of their own wellness. At the same time, I design programs that support the employer in creating change at the organizational level so they can integrate the concept of wellness into the work environment and create a sustainable approach towards maintaining a healthy workforce and workplace for all.

The format of the program varies place to place, but usually consists of weekly or monthly interactive seminars on a variety of alternative wellness therapies that educate, inspire, and engage even the most apprehensive individuals. Some examples of the topics included in an Employee Wellness Program are:
  • Stress Management
  • Chair Yoga for the Office
  • Mindfulness-based Meditation to Improve Concentration
  • Anger Management
  • Empowerment Techniques for the Work Place
  • Chronic Pain Management for Office Injuries
  • Group Empowerment Techniques
  • Tai Chi Easy at Work
  • Introduction to Aromatherapy as an on-the-spot Stress Reducer
  • Breathing and Meditation to Sustain Energy and Calmness
  • And much more! 

To inquire about customizing an Employee Wellness Program for your organization and to receive a complimentary proposal or consultation, please email me at

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