True Nature Welless


With my blended background in coaching and wellness therapies, I am often hired by organizations as a strategic consultant to help them meet specific wellness goals or other goals related to tapping into the potential of their workforce by using an empowerment based approach. Step by step, I guide you in finding the best way to optimize the talents and creativity of your workforce.

Sometimes, this includes doing one-on-one consulting or coaching with specific staff members that you depend on to be leaders in your growing company. Other times, I may conduct focus groups or other internal research with your staff and help you find ways to improve your communication and relationship techniques to provide for greater efficiency and increased satisfaction among the workforce, which all of course leads to greater success on the overall.

Though resources in alternative therpaies and wellness are aplenty in the marketplace, many corporations are uncertain where to start or are unclear about the myriad of opportunities that are available to them for incorporating wellness philosophies and empowerment techniques into their business plan in a way that benefits both them and their employees.

With True Nature Wellness, I take the guesswork out of how you can use ancient wisdom to benefit in modern times. Start revolutionizing the way you think about wellness and your workforce by contacting me today at


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