True Nature Welless


The following is a list of practitioners, teachers, organizations, and other resources that I can personally vouch for. Please check back frequently as the list will continue to grow. Donald is a deeply compassionate and knowledgeable yoga teacher, massage therapist, and cranio-sacral therapist. He offers an array of healing services in the New York Metropolitan area.  My dear sister Elizabeth offers her healing services in dreamwork, flower essences, body-centered counseling, and reiki here. She is always finding truly holistic ways to help support others. The Empowerment Institute has trained hundreds of innovative individuals in the Empowerment model for over 3 decades, and by extension has literally helped thousands of individuals uncover their potential and leads lives of fulfillment they never imagined possible. Jane Hoffman is a professional organizer extraordinaire as well as a top-of-the line administrative assistant, and a very skilled aromatherapist. A Jane of All Trades indeed! A profoundly creative artist that works in a diversity of mediums, Jeannie’s works teaches us how to see the art in the everyday. Get inspired by the depth and breadth of her incredible work. This non-profit (started by me and my friend Scott Feinberg) promotes Karma Yoga, or the yoga of action or selfless service, in all its forms. Find out how you can get involved in a variety of outreach efforts nationwide. Let’s be the change! Living Liberally is dedicated to creating communities around progressive politics. Through social networks and events, they promote political engagement, and facilitate collaboration among progressive organizations. Lucia McBee is a pioneer in the world of using mindfulness-based stress reduction to assist the elderly in quality of life.  She is a true leader and compassionate teacher. A fabulous coach/speaker and writer, Lois Barth is an intensely supportive and motivating person that would be a fabulous addition to anyone’s support network. Russill Paul is the author of the ground-breaking literary work The Yoga of Sound: Tapping the Hidden Power of Music and Chant and the music producer of several acclaimed chant CDs. A true scholar, teacher, and healer, Russill has so much to share with us as we continue on the spiritual path. My very dear friend and extremely talented yoga teacher, philosopher, and Thai Yoga therapist, Scott Feinberg, offers his services and insights through his organization Transcend Yoga. A mover and a shaker, my friend LeTonia Jones, has been an activist and an advocate for stopping violence against women for over a decade. She also offers empowerment consulting and coaching through her private practice, Truth and Transformation.

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