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THRIVE Program

One of my passions is helping women realize their capacity to live empowered and fulfilling lives, even when circumstances have handed them some serious challenges. Time and again, I have watched women who have struggled through intense hardships of one kind or another demonstrate the most unbelievable resilience in the face of adversity and uncover strengths within that they never knew they had. These women have been some of my greatest teachers, and it is from watching and learning from them that I have been able to create a special component of True Nature Wellness known as the THRIVE program.

The THRIVE program is a True Nature Wellness initiative to provide women from all walks of life with the tools and support they need to overcome their hardships with a lot less wear and tear. Ever evolving and organic in nature, the THRIVE program consists of a variety of offerings including special workshops, retreats, teleconferences, and movement classes offered to women only in hopes of building community; sharing stories; creating opportunities for insights and alliances that support an environment of healing and hope.

The initials of THRIVE stand for the guiding principles of this program, which include:

  • T is for True to your path: All offerings encourage participants to be true to their unique path.

  • H is for Holistic Approach: The THRIVE program addresses healing the whole individual, rather than treating a specific symptom or problem.
  • R is for Realistic Process: Every individual is encouraged to honor their own internal rhythms and pacing. Healing does not happen separate and independent from the rest of our lives. It must be integrated and rooted in what feels real and manageable in our day to day lives. 
  • I is for Inspiring: Within the THRIVE community, we share successes and insights from our own experiences and help motivate each other to move ahead as we foster an atmosphere of positive energy together.
  • V is for Value Based: Rather than focusing on expectations and being set on things looking a certain way in life, we emphasize aligning with our own inner values. Then, we can experience our deepest truth unfolding in a variety of unexpected ways in our lives as we move ahead.
  • E is for Embody the wisdom: To thrive, we must commit to embodying and living the wisdom we share together each and every day. It is only then that we will start to see and feel the inner changes take root in our external lives.

If you are interested in joining this community of intention and pursuing a life of thriving, please email me today at New series of offerings starting in Winter 2009.

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