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Tai Chi Easy Instruction

Tai Chi Easy™, a carefully designed combination of QiGong and health enhancing Tai Chi, is composed of four components: gentle movement, breath practice, self-applied massage, and relaxation through meditation. This accessible practice translates ancient wisdom for modern times and can lead to increased vitality, inner calm, and better balance throughout life. Tai Chi Easy ™ is based on the premise that the most profound healing medicine available to us is inside our own bodies. It is our "chi." By harnessing the power of the "chi" and working with it through the simple techniques of Tai Chi Easy™, one can create a tremendous healing experience from the inside out. An especially gentle practice, Tai Chi Easy ™ is suitable for all types of individuals no matter what their physical condition. Come experience for yourself what the "chi" is all about!

A typical Tai Chi Easy™ class is anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour long. I have found the Tai Chi Easy™ experience is a wonderful way to learn how to coordinate breath with movement and is exceptionally helpful at reducing stress and increasing one's concentration abilities. Since it does not require lying down on the floor or on a mat like yoga often does, it is definitely more accessible to individuals who are not ready for the supine positions typically performed in a mat yoga class. Tai Chi Easy™classes can be completed in their entirety in a chair (even wheelchairs) or while standing. 


To inquire more about the Tai Chi Easy™ experience with True Nature Wellness, please contact me today.  

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