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Yoga Instruction

The word "yoga" means union, and the practice of yoga is designed to reunite and balance the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of the self. What most of us call "yoga" today is actually just the physical branch of yoga known as hatha yoga. Hatha yoga includes physical postures, breath practices, relaxation techniques, meditation, philosophy, and much more. Yoga can provide relief to those suffering from many different kinds of physical and emotional ailments, especially for those who develop a regular practice.


Yoga originated in India some 5,000 years ago. It has traditionally been a practice for discovering that which lies beneath our regular patterns of restriction so that we can lead more liberating and fulfilling lives. By unleashing our true potential both physically and spiritually, yoga allows us to feel safer and more comfortable with the unfamiliar, encouraging us to stretch beyond our usual boundaries in life and explore our full potential as human beings. The deeper you go into the practice, the more your true potential will reveal itself.
The practice of yoga can be both relaxing and challenging. Many who practice yoga notice a variety of physical and spiritual benefits, including greater relaxation and calmness, increased flexibility in both body and mind, improved balance and muscular strength, enhanced concentration and alertness, a heightened self-confidence, and increased contentment in one's day-to-day of life. Ultimately, yoga is a practice of self-inquiry and acceptance. It allows one to harmonize all the different aspects of the self (the physical, mental, and spiritual) so that he or she is empowered to lead a more balanced life from the inside out.

The True Nature Wellness Approach              


The many different ways in which to express and experience yoga can make it confusing to determine what approach will work best for you. With True Nature  Wellness, I strive to create programs that are authentic to the yoga tradition, but adaptable to the needs of the audience. Trained in a variety of yoga styles including Anusara, Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin yoga, I create a unique blend of yoga that is both light-hearted and deeply therapeutic. 


Whether you're 2 years old or 95 years old, a physical yoga practice can be adapted to meet your needs. With careful instruction, I teach you how to work with your body and your breath so that you feel safe both physically and mentally. Simple alignment instructions can provide you with better energy, posture, and health both on and off the mat.  I work with you to experience the connection between the outer pose and the inner feeling that can result.  

Yoga is far more than just stretching or calisthenics. Rooting each physical practice in the rich ancient philosophy of yoga, I teach you how to utilize the physical postures as a means for self-discovery, inner awareness, confidence building, and vision crafting. Imagine how much richer your yoga experience could be if you were guided in a way that helped you understand the connections between your practice and the rest of your life. Too often, these two things are seen as separate. At True Nature Wellness, you will learn how to integrate your practice so it informs every part of your life and helps your realize your potential.

For more information on yoga offerings, please contact me at My offerings include:

  • Private sessions for children, adults, elderly, and families
  • Customized small group classes (including yoga birthday parties or bridal parties)
  • Specialized classes in meditation, breathing, restorative yoga, and more
  • Large group classes for corporate offices, clubs, organizations, or  other groups.

 I also teach regular classes open ot the general public on a weekly basis. For the schedule, please click here.


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