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Life Coaching

There are two reasons we don’t have what we want in our lives:
  • We don’t know what we want, or
  • We don’t have the tools to manifest it.
With life coaching, you can develop a comprehensive vision for life and receive the tools and personal coaching you need to manifest that vision.
In life coaching, you’ll take a close look at what your core beliefs are and learn how to weed out those beliefs that no longer serve you. Along with honing your awareness skills, you’ll learn simple and effective ways to transform negative thinking patterns into a healthy new belief system that supports your larger vision for life. Finally, you’ll learn to cultivate the personal power necessary to sustain your growth over time and put your plans into action.

How Does Life Coaching Work?

Life Coaching is a strategic alliance between a coach and client that is designed to empower the client to access his or her inner potential so he or she can transform perceived obstacles into real opportunities for optimal living. As a certified coach, I am trained in knowing the right questions to ask, techniques to use, and tools to provide you with in order to help you achieve your vision for a fulfilled life.

Distinctly different from traditional types of therapy, life coaching does not focus on healing wounds from the past. Also different from consulting, life coaching does not consist of sitting down with someone who will dictate specific solutions or answers to your “problems.” Rather, life coaching is designed to help you envision what you most desire and provides you with the tools to help you create it. As your coach, I may lead you through self-exploratory exercises, guided visualizations, critical thinking exercises, journaling activities, and other investigative and self-inquiry techniques so that you may find your own truth and cultivate the skills to manifest that truth. Expect to explore new and exciting ideas in your life and learn how to move into your maximum potential so that you are living a life of thriving, not just surviving.

What’s the Format?

Each person’s coaching needs are different, but the format remains relatively the same. You begin by filling out a brief Coaching In-Take form and submitting it to me via email. Once I receive it, we will schedule a complimentary coaching consultation via phone to assess your particular needs. After answering your questions and choosing an appropriate coaching strategy for you, we will be ready to begin our series of coaching sessions with each other via phone or in person. Sessions last anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half, and the frequency of sessions is usually weekly, but that can vary. Most people work with a coach for about 3-4 months; though several continue on for on-going support with periodic check-ins. Frequency and duration of sessions are determined on an individual basis. In between sessions, clients also have email support and occasional brief check-in calls as needed.  

Why do people see a life coach?

The coaching process can assist individuals in a myriad of needs. Some clients come for specific support on a personal or business project they are pursuing. Others want more general help through a challenging transition in one’s personal or professional life. Other reasons an individual might pursue working with a coach include:
  • To get clarity and move forward in area of life where you are feeling stuck;
  • To discover effective ways to manage life/work balance;
  • To renew or reenergize career goals or focus;
  • To reconcile being “successful” with feeling “fulfilled” at the same time;
  • To unearth those “someday” dreams and put a plan into action to make it happen;
  • To bring one’s professional or personal life to the next level ;
  • To find ways to conquer old patterns of stress and self sabotaging and move ahead with more freedom;
  • To strategize about the best way to bring an entrepreneurial vision to fruition ;
  • To create a healthy and loving relationship with a life partner;
  • And much more.
Some typical life areas that may be addressed in a coaching program are dealing with emotions; relationships and intimacy; stress management and balance; spirituality and personal growth; entrepreneurial and small business development; career planning and development; motivation and time management; creativity for artists, writers, musicians and performers; finances and budgeting; health, aging, lifestyle, and self-care; family and parenting; and much more.

What are some of the benefits of life coaching?

Benefits of life coaching are as varied as the clients are themselves. But some common benefits people experience after committing to a life coaching program include renewed joy and excitement for life; improved decision-making abilities; increased intuition and connection to inner wisdom; more focus and organization around meeting personal or professional goals; better time management; increased confidence and self esteem; more clarity and direction regarding next’s steps in life; development of a robust support system; increased effectiveness and productivity; more fulfilling personal and professional relationships; improved self Image, health, and energy level; increased creativity; decreased stress and anxiety; better finances; success in meeting established goals; more harmony in work/life balance; and so much more!

Why are you qualified to coach?

Trained and certified as a life coach by the Empowerment Institute, I am a seasoned practitioner of the Empowerment model, one of the premier life coaching philosophies and programs used in the United States and internationally for over two decades. In addition to my formal life coach training, I hold an MA in Communications from the University of Cincinnati and a BS in Natural Resources Management from Cornell University, and for my entire academic career I have been studying the relationships humans have with the larger world and how this impacts their actions and behaviors and informs their life decisions. I am also a certified yoga instructor, Tai Chi Easy facilitator, and have completed hundreds of hours in training in various complementary alternative medicine and wellness modalities, including mindfulness-based stress reduction, kinesthetic awareness, reiki, meditation, aromatherapy, guided imagery, stress management, and much more.  Uniquely blending the wide array of modalities I am experienced in, I design each client’s life coaching program with his or her personal needs and learning in mind.  
What’s more, I am intimately familiar with the coaching process I use, because I have utilized all the same techniques myself with great success! Working with these empowerment tools gave me the focused approach and the flexibility I needed to progress forward in my dreams that always felt just out of my grasp. Even now,  I still use the skills I have learned every day, and the work continues to positively impact my life. Hands-down, working with a coach was the best investment I have ever made in my personal growth, and that is one of the reasons I feel so passionate about sharing this work with others.

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