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About True Nature Wellness

No matter what age or what stage of life we are in, we can all benefit from learning how to effectively take care of ourselves so that we can enjoy optimal health and well-being. Our health is one of our most valuable possessions, and learning to tend to our health is an active and lifelong process of becoming aware and making choices that support a more fulfilling existence.
Unfortunately, the practices of wellness have often been narrowly defined to happen only in places like yoga studios, spas, health clubs, and retreats centers. Though these venues play an invaluable role in educating and supporting our population with wellness issues, the reality is they serve a minority of people. Some individuals can't afford to attend these places. Some individuals may be too intimidated to participate in such a group environment. Others may simply not be aware that the option is even there.
I created True Nature Wellness so that I could bring wellness practices (in their many forms) to meet people where they were at, both literally and figuratively. I tried to imagine a world where the practices of wellness were being actively applied to enhance the lives of all types of people in all types of places. Before I knew it, I was teaching yoga classes and wellness programs in nursing homes, hospitals, schools, shelters, occupational therapy offices, and even outside in local parks. What's more, the audiences I was teaching were becoming more diverse every day with clients ranging in age from 2 to 99, representing individuals from all types of backgrounds!
As different as all the settings and individuals were, what struck me more was how remarkably similar we all are in terms of our basic needs, challenges, and opportunities as they relate to wellness. This simple yet profound truth has directed me to develop a core set of guiding principles that shape the essence of all my offerings with True Nature Wellness. 

A Special Note

Behind True Nature Wellness is a long line of inspiring teachers, supporters, family, and friends that have helped me come to a place in my life where I am able to offer these services to others. A special thank you to my mother and sisters for their undying belief and support in me. To my teachers, both in and outside the studio, I am ever grateful to you for sharing your wisdom with me. And to my students, the greatest teachers yet, I am honored to be welcomed into your process as you travel the road to wellness. It is with much gratitude and respect that I accept your invitation to engage in the journey together!
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